Sherlock IT

CityRock is temporarily closed due to National lockdown

Gear Shop and Mountain Mail order are open

If you have a debit order membership, we have NOT frozen this automatically. Please contact us if you wish to freeze or cancel.  You have the option to cancel your membership completely, and all future payments will be stopped. Reduce your membership until we re-open to an amount you can afford. Or, you can freeze your membership for 1 to 6 months. This is designed to give you flexibility and avoid the re-joining fee when we are able to open again.

Membership revenue is by far the biggest chunk of our business. With the gyms closed, our debit order run is the only income we have to keep us going and to ensure there is a CityROCK to go back to. Most of our overhead expenses remain active – staff salaries, rent, utilities, insurance, etc. While we are closed, membership revenue is going directly to pay those costs and keep our staff employed.

We have to hear from you first, so please contact us by emailing or if you would like to freeze your debit order.

If you have chosen not to freeze your membership, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU! You are assisting us in ensuring there will be a CityROCK to return to and we express our sincere gratitude

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